Four-year-old baby victim of addicted parents

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Four-year-old baby victim of addicted parents
Alireza is a four-year-old boy and because of living with addicted parents, experienced living in streets and right now has been transferred to Welfare organization.
When you are holding your innocent children hands at night, which story do you tell them to sleep?
Maybe you speak with a childish tone, sing lullaby, hold hands to prove you are next to them and let them sleep in peace.
Maybe you let them have their favorite doll or toy, and comfort them with your presence, kiss their eyes and rest next to each other.
After all you make sure that they have everything they want and no one says anything to hurt them.
Some children pass their childhood like this. While, Alireza was a child imprisoned by an addicted father and a cruel mother. He didn’t hear any lullaby or received kisses while growing up, but was hit badly, day and night, by his parents, instead and was homeless at the age of four.
His thin and weak body is wounded and his eyes are wet in tears, no one has ever comforted him so far. Alireza’s addicted parents kicked him out of house.
Social consoler of Mehrafarin charity, Mr. Davood Omidi, who is following this child abuse case directly, noted: on 12:00 a.m. on Wednesday, on 25th of Mordad of this year, a keeper found a four-year-old boy in one of the parks in southern area of Tehran.
He added: after calling Police Station No. 159, they realized that this boy has been wandering in park for a few days. They found him hurt and wounded.
This social activist clarified: Police officers took Alireza home and they observed that his father is addicted to drugs and witnessed that his mother is physically abusing him all day long. Their house has turned into a gathering of addicted people to use, sell and buy drugs.
Omidi explained: you could observe wounds on Alireza’s face and belly and seemingly it was two days that he was in park, far from his parents.
According to what doctors claimed after checking him, the wounds on his body are because of physical punishments and the fact that he has no proper clothes on while laying on park’s floor.
Consoler of Mehrafarin charity added: two hours after taking him home, reports were given to Police, claiming that his parents took him back to the same park and left him there, alone.
Omidi continues: Police officers of station No. 125 took him back home again, but no one opened the doors, no matter how hard they tried.
He mentioned: After that Police officers reported the happening to Mehrafarin charity which is actively involved in area of social problems.
Another consoler in Mehrafarin charity followed Alireza’s case, did every legal procedure necessary and transferred him to welfare organization.
This social consoler continued: two days after he was transferred to welfare organization, his parents referred to Police station demanding to have Alireza , but they understood that he has been transferred to welfare organization.
Omidi added: they referred to court to take him back, but they were rejected since Alireza was physically hurt earlier by his parents and based on that, the judge didn’t let them have Alireza back.
Uncertainty and dilemma of act of supporting children in political complications
Now Alireza spends his days in welfare organization, surrounded with other children with same problems. Days that could be spent better that this, better than sleeping in streets for a four-year-old boy.
Alireza’s destiny and other children with bad guardians or no guardians are stock in political and election complications and other unrealistic reasons and are waiting in line to be finally approved to support children and their rights.
To confront the truth, which of our authorities can tolerate unsafety and insecurity of their own children? Why are they waiting this long to take effective steps?
As time goes by, every day we observe more children whom are victims of child abuse and other children who turn into victims of mentally-ill parents or wrongdoers.




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