Hassan Fathi talks about kind lady of Iranian cinema

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Hassan Fathi talks about kind lady of Iranian cinema
A philosopher has said: if we want to think about love logically, love will lose its true sense and right now to talk to you, far from logical thinking, about a kind lady that has been chosen as the ambassador of Mehrafarin , in a way that I like to. 
Many years ago, maybe fifteen years ago, while a movie serious was recorded I met her. There was a point in her behavior that really excited me. Something I haven’t observed in ladies her age. Anytime, she was present for the recording, she was behaving very kindly with everybody and before leaving, she talked to everyone and said goodbye. Sixteen years later, I was really proud over the fact that I had the chance to work with her again. Right now, that young and unknown girl has turned into a well-known lady in acting and cinema, but her kind behavior with colleagues and friends hasn’t changed at all.
She is Kind and friendly, still caring and kind-hearted, careful of deprived people and still the same girl.
Once I read that only those who enjoy the least from the world around are the ones who are eligible to change the world to a better place. As far as I am concerned, her consistent participation in charity affairs and donations, who spends a little time living her private life, made her stay in the group of people I talked about earlier. She is among the group who think that by helping others and beyond pain and shortcomings, there is a god that can be replaced with everything we lack in life. 
Her way of living and her cooperation in charitable affairs and helping deprived people, clarifies the point that we are more responsible about what we do rather than what we are talking about us, human beings, first should care about freedom, kindness and equality if not, love can also have another meaning, it can mean having a wish, a wish to help and donate and not to receive. That is why this ambassador stands next to other ambassador sharing love and receiving love. 
Ms. Merila Zarei, our kind lady in cinema, another responsibility is now put on your shoulders, be proud of your helping hands. Because hands that help are much holy that the lips that pray!
So, let’s devote millions of flowers to your hands, which caused happiness in broken hearts.
Hassan Fathi 6/3/89


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