Ambassador of Mehrafarin, with you, I reached smile of GOD

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Ambassador of Mehrafarin, with you, I reached smile of GOD
Concert of Reza Sadeghi, ambassador of Mehrafarin in music area, held a concert on 6th Aban in Milad tower which continued for three nights. 
Mehrafarin charity was presented in this event for three consecutive nights and the booth was dedicated to distributed brochures, magazines and etc. in this respect. 
In the first performance, Reza Sadeghi talked about martyrs and devotees of iran and then played songs in tribute to late artists such as Parviz Meshkati , Babak Bayat , Naser Abdolahi and Khosrow Shakibayi. 
This big concert, formed by many musicians, was conducted by Behnam Abtahi. In this concert, Reza Sadeghi performed pieces such as “KHODA RO CHE DIDI”, “BE TO MADYOONAM”, “JADOO”, “AGHOOSHE TO”, “MARG-O-ZENDEGI” from “YEKI BOOD YEKI NABOOD” album and also other pieces such as “VAYSA DONYA” album and older songs such as “TO BA MANI” along with other songs. 
“KHODA RO CHE DIDI” was performed by cooperation of Moein Rahbar and Payam Toni, individually. An interesting point in all of Reza Sadeghis concert is the presence of audience and singing with him, especially songs such as “BA MANI” which created a beautiful feeling in the salon. Reza Sadeghi, kind, warm-blooded and people-oriented, who is famous for such behaviors, added with kindness: with you I reached smile of god.
God is present in the salon, smiling. He then continued : I have three things in life I am always proud of : first , I am Iranian and wherever I live I don’t forget that. Second, I have great, kind and patient friends like you and third, I am a young dark-skinned guy from Bandar-Abbas and I am proud of it. In this part Reza Sadeghi invited Morteza Karimi from south of Iran to perform solo performance with lute. After that, performed a beautiful local southern song, which leaded to excitement and enthusiasm of audience. Another beautiful performance was done in a group of two by Homayoun Nasiri (Tumba player) and Behnam Abtahi (conductor and jazz player), leading to a remarkable attention from audience. At the end of concert ambassador of Mehrafarin noted: I am thankful to god for I had a chance to know Mehrafarin charity. A charity that has emphasis over education and a kind Iranian lady named Fatemeh Daneshvar is running it. Felt really sorry when I realized that a lot of children in my country can’t read and write and can’t attend school due to different reasons.  I would like to do something that children write the name of their favorite songs and give it to me. I ask you modestly to hep them in any manner possible, whether financially, culturally or else ways. Let’s do something with all our hearts and prey that there will be a day that when they attend my concerts, they turn to me and say : with your help we will be able to write down the name of our favorite songs.  I hope that we realize that children are gifts from god and we don’t judge a baby misbehave them become of their poor cloths or dirty hands. 


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