Fatemeh Motamed Aria, standing next to Mehrafarin always as an ambassador

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Fatemeh Motamed Aria, standing next to Mehrafarin always as an ambassador
We believe: when god created kindness, the angels sang songs & prayed happily!
We believe: when god created love, the angels prayed with enthusiasm and awe!
We believe: when god created forgiveness, the angels divided their emotions with rain!
But today in this corner of the world, right now , here in Tehran, lost between you and I , among all busy moments and loud voices, among wandering eyes and hearts, surrounded by colorless smoke and metal, lost between shadows and bitter endless nights, god has sent down chosen humans for endless love and kindness, they are supposed to come with their small or big hands with rough and smooth skins with blue eyes like ocean , full of hope and of course very kind, they should come and stay , they will definitely come and they should be a reason for us, for our country and for solitude of human beings and motivate us to move, to move to sympathy, empathy, move to a precise destination for love, for kindness and for kind affairs, we barely observe kind affairs right now though, they are meant to be here, they are supposed to protect truth, celestial truth with their souls…
They are reflecting like mirror, they shine like moon and stars, they remind us that we should think about one another and care for each other and they remind us that in this big world there are wet eyes waiting, hands and hearts waiting to be touched. 
They claim that there is GOD above that exists, writes down, reads and has created our souls, kindness, love and pure moments of forgiveness. 
Mehrafarin wants to continue holy path of god and hand in hand with other helpless and in line with God creates moments of happiness, passion and forgiveness. 
This movement has its ambassador, always ready to step in…
The first ambassador is Fatemeh Motamed Aria. It is two years that she is hand in hand with mehrafarin and has created a shelter full of love next.  It is two years that she has done her best on cultural ambassador of Mehrafarin she has always been there when we wanted her and never left us alone. 
In this New Year, as spring comes, next to tress blossoming in beauty, next to rainfalls, she is there to keep her promise and always stand next to Mehrafarin charity. 
In her trip, she will have new people around her, the ones that gather together in Mehrafarin home, hand in hand with god, the ones who want to remove poverty, darkness of night and disappear pain and give new life to deprived soul with love. 
All three new members (ambassador) of Mehrafarin are pure as ocean; one of them sings with love and plays with peace. The other one is a hero as an athlete and the other one is perhaps a mermaid, building hose with love for all wondering sea stars


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