Working children in Park Abi swimming pool

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Working children in Park Abi swimming pool

47 children under Mehrafarin support went to Pars Aqua Village, as a one-day trip. In one of the autumn cold days, Mehrafarin children along with working children went to Pars Aqua Village by invitation of one of our supporters.

On their way to swimming pool, children were very excited and they were served with fruit, chocolate and juices.

As they arrived to pool. They were guided in by giving information and warnings. Children were very excited and spent a few hours playing and enjoying fun games and the pool itself.

After that, they were served with delicious sandwiches and cola.

We are very thankful to Mr. Pooyan for what they did which caused children to smile and created fun memories for them, indeed.

And last but not least we are very thankful to Municipality of District 12 for supplying means of commuting to swimming pool.



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