Saving ۳-year-old Marjan’s life

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Saving ۳-year-old Marjan’s life

She doesn’t speak to anyone, she is addicted for a while and she has also been at the edge of death.

Based on reports of Mehrafarin charity journalist, her parents are both addicted to drugs and live in a rented house in Boomehen.

3-year-old Marjan, along with her 3 sisters and 2 brothers live in a bad situation, and due to abuse of drugs, her parents are unable to afford the family.

Due to bad financial situation of the family, children suffer from malnutrition and aren’t OK, as well as the parents whom are unable to afford expenses of their family.

But Marjan’s destiny is painful and mixed-up. Instead of playing with her friends or siblings, she is fighting to leave her addiction behind.

Explaining situation of Marjan, we listen to what our social consoler in Mehrafarin, Elnaz Zarei says: by breastfeeding Marjan she faced seizure and bad physical health condition, thus transferred to hospital in Boomehen, respectively.

She adds: in the primary check-ups it becomes clear that Marjan is addicted. She was hospitalized for ten days to detoxify and leave her addiction.

Social consoler of Mehrafarin charity continues: in medical check-ups we understand that Marjan is addicted to methadone. Due to bad financial situation her mother was unable to buy powder milk and breastfeed her infant, unfortunately.

Considering condition of Marjan after leaving her addiction, problems she and her family faces such as poverty and addiction, Zarei explains: her father is not working and has no income, thus they are now under support of Mehrafarin charity.

Daily, an average of two addicted infants are born whom are reported to Mehrafarin. Infants that have no choice and are unfortunately born addicted.

Addicted mothers and children face the worst forms of child abuse, which indeed becomes worse and worse as there is lack of proper and supportive civil laws, and if this situation continues we can’t hope for a bright future for them.

Marjan has six other siblings that deal with hunger, poverty and addiction and Marjan is very close to them, very dependent. Consolers have come to the conclusion that she should better live with her family and Mehrafarin team is doing its best to help her parents leave their addiction.



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