Building schools in deprived villages and earthquake-suffered provinces

Building schools in deprived villages and earthquake-suffered provinces | 0 Comments | یکشنبه ۰۳,تیر,۱۳۹۷ | 125 times
A team of our great supporters made up their mind to build schools through Mehrafarin charity in deprived areas and provinces dealing with post-earthquake issues. 
Throughout the visit, CEO of Mehrafarin, Fatemeh Daneshvar, had to Kermanshah, deprived villages have been identified and agreed on installing five kanexes that have been updated with latest standards of schools in five different villages, next week.
This team agreed on building three schools each with three classes, and two schools with twelve classes by help of Mehrafarin. 
Another activity done in this respect was supplying of 973 coolers for Sare Pole Zahab area, throughout the public call concerning the need for 1000 coolers.
The coolers have been supplied and installed, thus 27 coolers are left to complete this call. We require that by paying 270 thousand tomans for each device, you would help us complete this task. 
Worthwhile to mention that the social services center in Sare Pole Zahab has started its activities and it’s being facilitated, respectively. 



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