Report: help of Mehrafarin to Koohebanan area of Kerman, dealing with post-earthquake obstacles

Report: help of Mehrafarin to Koohebanan area of Kerman, dealing with post-earthquake obstacles | 0 Comments | یکشنبه ۰۷,مرداد,۱۳۹۷ | 298 times
We are thankful to God that in the last days of 1396 we are welcoming the new year as we have been able to offer help and services to a large number of people in our country and we are glad to welcome new year, hand in hand, listening and paying attention to needs of Koohbanan residents, helping them as much as we can.
The following report is about the helps offered by Mehrafarin team to Koohabanan province in Kerman that unfortunately experienced earthquake on yalda night in tents.
Collected help of Mehrafarin to Koohabanan and Hejdak/Goorak villages: 7.654.009.432 Rials
60 big kanexes that cost: Rials
128 small kanexes that cost: 3.456.000.000 Rials
4 kanexes facilated with toilet and bathroom that cost: 84.600.000.000 Rials
Merchandise and necessary equipment such as electric heaters, blankets, clothes and food packages that cost: 832.432.000 Rials
Amount of money left in Mellat Bank, Kerman branch: Rials
We are very thankful to everyone who participated in public call to help Koohabanan residents, especially Zarin Sanat chaaf company for dedicating 320 million tomans, in this respect.
We are deeply thankful to one of our great supporters, Mr. Zakaria Noroozi who is always helping and supporting us. A great part of above-mentioned helps are his cooperation and other helps that haven’t been mentioned.
Some of them have been directly dedicated to Koohbanan and other villages such as reconstructing water channels, preparing lands for people in need and other services.
We are very thankful, one by one, to our helpers and supporters that have been next to us, step by step and help in any amount that they could, to help us have a permanent and important part in doing such activities. We are really proud of you.
Worthwhile to mention that that social activists and volunteers were present throughout nowrooz holidays with their teams and continue their activities in Koohbanan. They are next to their fellow-citizens and are always present, even in holidays.



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