We want to:

It was just yesterday that we blossomed. We grew our roots in order o reach for the sky

We started thinking about when it is night and dark outside, we should reach for the stars and if not possible, we should create the stars and let them shine and enlighten the life of people in need.

When there is still only one child left in the street or an innocent lady who has no guardian, smiles, so that we do not forget them.

It will be the time when we understand the importance of helping others and the aims of Mehrafarin charity in helping others.

The original goals of Mehrafarin are to inspire love and fight against ugliness, poverty and illiteracy.

10 years ago we said: the way in which we have stepped in is tough, it needs patience, it needs a kind heart, and you need to devote yourself, your time and energy. We still believe it is the same, hard and tough to continue.

We feel “the power of presence” of our beloved supporters, in our very country. Great people, young and old, famous and unknown, with souls as big as oceans, accompanied us.

Some of them trusted our ambassadors and others trusted the name of “Mehrafarin” that shines bright in hearts.

Each individual felt patience, difficulty and tough experiences with us.

Each person shaped and formed self-devotion in their own manner and purified their hearts and souls, they still do.

What does Mehrafarin say?

Mehrafarin thinks: each person must grow and deserves a safe place such as family, fulfilled with love, kindness and safety and should live in a society filled with respect and self-esteem.

In this respect women and mother need extra attention, because they raise children that shape our future. And children are God-given gifts that need the most attention, support and lovely behavior.

We believe:

It is easier and faster to prevent, than to cure and recover. Childhood is the period when a child grows and it shapes every person’s characteristics.

When we know children better we know more about their needs and desire, thus it leads to having a better behavior with them and enlighten the path in which we step in.

That is why we have chosen the title “charity” which better describes Mehrafarin goals and has more respect for society.

In this respect Mehrafarin creativities covers giving quality services to our help-seekers. It includes services such as giving food packages to the people in need, financial support and we wish to re-attain the lost self esteem of our help seekers and finding themselves, indeed.

We want to:

 We know that difficulties in society causes that some people cannot grow and do not have enough facilities and conditions, and are about to face dangerous problems in society, which are mostly mental ones.

So every responsible and smart person has the responsibility to find people in need, up to the extent that they can and help them get rid of poverty and pain and solve their obstacles.

It sin not a slogan. It is a fact. It is a responsibility that we have to live better, to live with justice and consciousness, in this unequal and cruel world.

Mehrafarin missions:

This charity based its activities on people’s participation in charity affairs and explains its goals as following:

Supporting and enabling women and mothers that have no guardians or bad guardians, children that are missing school especially child labors. Mehrafarin has national, religious and chauvinistic believes to cultivate and raise children that are able, literate and have high self-esteem, whom in future continues such charitable affairs.

اهداف مهرآفرین

  • کوتاه مدت
  • میان مدت
  • بلندمدت

Reduce harm and damages to weak and poor part of society (women, mothers and children) by (financial, hygienic, resident, emotional, physical) support and giving services such as providing wardrobe, school payment and so forth.

A) Educating women, teenagers, especially children to increase the level of culture and help them stay against and deal with problems they face

B) Focus on educating them, supporting children from first grade to university, hoping that they will fight poverty, which will help mothers raise their children much better

C) Holding fun and educational tours for mothers, children and needy families

A) Doing structural reforms and improving social culture, correcting other related organs, reformation of rules

B) Conducting researches and fundamental studies about poverty and how to fight with it, by: psychological, social, entrepreneurship, NGO and other suggestions that is useful

C) Creating cooperation network with other NGO’s (national or international) such as: Mahak (supporting kids with cancer), Kahrizak nursing home, Salamat house (for addicted people), Ashoora team (medical services), Ladies team, Ghalamchi organization (supporting needy under graduated students to complete their education) and donors : (Gentlemen: Aghaband, Mehrian) Qadr-al-hassane boxes, Imam Khomeini committee, Enghelab-Eslami resident foundation, Committee helping veterans and deprived people, dialysis patients foundation, MS patients foundation, WHO (world health organization), Unicef , Unesco and welfare organization.

D) Taking steps to hold educational centers in different levels for its community (labor kids, students left outside, missing school and so forth)

E) Taking steps to hold centers to take care of women and children (target society of Mehrafarin)
We want to: