Making ۶۰۰ kanexes by Mehrafarin

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Making ۶۰۰ kanexes by Mehrafarin
Based on Public Relations of Mehrafarin charity, in a press interview, CEO of Mehrafarin, Fatemeh Daneshvar explained the situation of Kermanshah residents, on Saturday 10th of Dey 1396 and described completely what Mehrafarin has done so far, in this respect: 56 days have passed from earthquake in Kermanshah, and despite all the actions that took place, the problems of residents in the area still remains unsolved.
She mentioned: four days after earthquake, Mehrafarin consolers and their teams were present in Kermanshah to take necessary measurements. 
CEO of Mehrafarin added: Considering earthquake that happened in Kermanshah, some parts of this big city such as Sare Pole Zahab, Quik village, Salas Babajani and other mountainous areas alike, are in a terrible situation and activities of Mehrafarin team started in above-mentioned areas.
Daneshvar: 1700 villages have been ruined in this earthquake, which percentage of houses ruined and destroyed differs from one to another. She believes lack of engineering standards in building houses was the major reason that led to this problem. 
She criticized operation of related organizations, centers and finally government in offering help and added: we faced a lot of short-comings in this respect, so we observed lack of management in offering services and help. In the beginning we could see wide participation and presence of people for help, but as time went by, they descended. 
CEO of Mehrafarin mentioned: according to statistics collected from Sare Pole Zahab, it became clear that fifteen thousand and seven hundred families are living in tents that among them four thousand and five hundred families have been identified by Housing Foundation and so far, 900 families have been given kanexes to live in.
In entire Kermanshah city, fifteen thousand houses were ruined, twelve thousand of them totally ruined, unfortunately.
Daneshvar explained: unfortunately, because of incorrect management and lack of enough budget to shelter families, right now a large number of families are living in tents, we can see children, elderlies and sick people living in tents, that is really worrying. 
So far total number of 9550 kanexes have been delivered from which 7981 is from Gharargah Khatam, 136 form Housing Foundation, 393 by Artesh forces and last but not least 640 are from charity. 
CEO of Mehrafarin talked about temporary shelter of families in earthquake and added: in this respect, we could see presence of Sepah forces in villages, although they were less present in cities. But we demand that Sepah forces stay in the area up to complete shelter of families and don’t think of it as a finished project.
Daneshvar explained: the problems of families who do not have houses on their own and lived in rented houses, still remain unsolved and hasn’t been clarified since this community has now returned to their villages and haven’t been able to receive kanexes to live in.
She highlighted: considering the situation of Kermanshah residents, it is expected that President, his deputies and ministers visit here on a routine of 10 days and monitor the help offered, in person.
CEO of Mehrafarin mentioned: up to now more than 4 billion toman have been collected form people donations and companies such as Zarin Sanat chaf (590 million toman), Asan Pardakht (more than 1 billion toman), Sam Service and Sam Electric offered more than 160 kanexes and Chinese company of China Hooamoonk and some other donors, just to name a few, helped us up to now.
Based on Daneshvar speeches, Mehrafarin has plans to make 600 kanexes, 300 of them have been delivered and the rest will be delivered soon.
She mentioned lack of proper information/data bank and said: unfortunately, there is no precise information about hurt families in earthquake which has confused charities in offering help/services.
CEO of Mehrafarin declared: lack of enough toilets and bathrooms led to serious health issues, especially for women and children.
Daneshvar continued: based on reports of consolers, there is a lot of disability among children which roots back to marriages with relatives and chemical war side effects.
She added: in a few days, Mehrafarin institute will launch a center of social services in Sare Pole Zahab (500 meters) that will offer psychological, hygienic and else services.
CEO of Mehrafarin institute added: Considering the existing situation in Kermanshah city, I estimate that even after 4-5 years these families won’t have their own houses, so it is necessary that up to the last days that these problems are solved, authorities, charities and governmental organizations stay and pay attention.
Daneshvar: I demand all artists, athletes and others who could collect money or budgets to start doing whatever they can right now and improve hop among residents of Kermanshah, anyway they can.



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