Presence of social consolers of Mehrafarin in areas shook from earthquake

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Presence of social consolers of Mehrafarin in areas shook from earthquake

50 professional Mehrafarin consolers were sent to Quik area in order to investigate the situation of people in earthquake, located in Dasht-e-zahab.

Quik area is located in 13 km’s of Pol-e-zahab and 127 residents have lost their lives in the recent earthquake.

Social consolers of Mehrafarin are the second group after the volunteer emergency team that have been present in the area to help. The first center is in Sare Pole Zahab and the second one is in Quik area.

The first group will stay longer in Sare Pole Zahab as long as the dimensions of this disaster is greater in that area.

The second group is mobile and after doing their activities, will go to other villages to help.

The most important responsibilities of consultation group in the centers are as following:

1)      Doing interviews and filling in related forms

2)      Prioritizing the necessary needs of each family based on interviews and observations and then supplying temporary shelters by asking for a kanex* or supplying the minimum budget necessary for building a temporary shelter, rooms and toilet from the equipment available.

Supplying necessary stuff such as medication, milk powder and etc. paying attention to children and their mothers, physically impaired and elderlies are also among their activities.

3)      Reporting necessities of injured and left-out residents to Kermanshah storeroom and sending them through volunteer forces active in the area.

4)      Identifying children and checking their condition considering their physical and emotional health and well-being and also inspecting the environment considering hygienic issues and make sure there is access to first aid kit and minimum of what they need, at least.

5)      Reporting very sick and injured people and accompany them to health centers, located in near cities.

6)      Educating and teaching life skills in critical situations in order to reduce risk of health issues or other problems so that at least one native person in the area is totally aware of that and will be able to take the responsibility and offer necessary services.

7)      Check-up situation of identified people considering financial issues and supplying them with special cards of institute so that in urgent conditions hurt and injured residents will have access to bank cards and it will be issued for them.

The above-mentioned cards will be charged by help of donors/supporters of Mehrafarin so that they will be able to buy minimum necessary stuff they need.

The amount of money paid through these cards are estimated by consolers and also they are controlling the expenses and how each individual should spend it.


As far as the most sensitive part of helping people in disasters is identifying needs and giving consultations, so Mehrafarin has dedicated its energy in this very part.

Social consultation in areas who experienced the earthquake will be the next step that may be different from one individual to other and may require special services.

*Kanex: pre-made rooms that are ready to live in





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