Death story of a two-year-old baby that died by abuse of methadone

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Death story of a two-year-old baby that died by abuse of methadone
His parents are both addicted to drugs, Mohsen and his three siblings have been hurt and punished physically for several times and finally Mohsen died because of methadone abuse.
Due to Mehrafarin charity journalist’s report, both mother and father are addicted to amphetamines and are living in Bagh Khalaj area in Arak city.
He is eight years old but you can’t observe any naughtiness in his eyes. He is sitting silently on a chair. The boy sitting next to him is Says quietly: my brother’s name is Amirali. My name is Mohammad. I have a younger sister that was born last year in a cold day of winter. Then he is silent and plays with sleeves of his jacket that are obviously too big for him, so we don’t ask any questions. 
When the silence continues, Amirali starts talking: we had another brother, his name was Mohsen, one night he swallowed daddy’s drugs and died. It is so good that he died, if he was alive he would have died out of physical punishments…
By saying that, he hides his hands at his back. Now two brothers are sitting in silence. This story is about children that never had any childhood. 
Social consoler of Mehrafarin charity – Arak Branch- talks about how the family lives now: 10 months ago when the youngest child of the family, Nazanin, was born, the difficult situation of this family was reported to Mehrafarin charity. 
After gaining necessary information, the consoler was present in Imam Hossein hospital of Arak city and was ready to register mother and her child. The consoler explains: after Nazanin was born in hospital, mother and infant were presented to social emergency department, but after one week the father threatened them and took the baby back. 
Considering the situation of the mother and the family, visits continues from the charity and we realized more points about this family. 
Yazdanpoor (Mehrafarin consoler) mentions the wounded and hurt body of children in this family and says: by doing consultation, we understood that boys were hit by their father for several times and you could observe wound and injury all over their bodies. 
Emergency department consolers claim that children have been physically abused and hit for several times and earlier than this time, they were reported twice to Social Emergency, but each time they were returned home as long as their father misbehaved, threatened and caused problems for welfare Organization.
Consoler of Mehrafarin continues: unstable situation of parents due to abuse of drugs is causing lots of problems for children, that’s why they are always hurt and hit but no one can offer any help. 
Yazdanpoor highlights: in the last refer, we understood that the two-year-old son of this family swallowed methadone and were hospitalized in hospital, but unfortunately doctors couldn’t help him and he died, because of parents that neglected him. 
Earlier consolers tried their best to take custody of these kids and give them to Welfare Organization, thus they were unsuccessful each time due to lack of proper law to take their side. 
In the end, consoler of Mehrafarin adds: two-year-old brother of the family lost his life. But this family still has three children that need to be taken care of and saved from addicted parents, so that their wounded bodies will heal after a very long time.
As far as we are concerned children shouldn’t be given to addicted parents and must be handed to Welfare Organization, based on circular of ministry of health and this must be avoided. But in this story father insisted on taking his child back (sister of slain brother) which means that lack of proper and supportive laws caused the child to be handed to his parents from Welfare Organization. We require parliament representatives to have a more serious attitude towards completing and approving bill that supports children, with a special attention on the ones with addicted parents. 
The end.
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