Little Fereshteh in coma

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Little Fereshteh in coma
Little Fereshteh in coma
In order to relief the pain of her burned feet, Fereshteh’s parents gave drugs to her and this was enough to make her sick and unconscious and just at the edge of losing her life.
Based on Mehrafarin journalists’ reports, a phone call was made to institute’s social consoler and immediately we went to one of Tehran hospital’s in city center.
When arriving to hospital, we were guided to the room where she was taken care of. Social consoler of Mehrafarin institute, Miss Narges Rezaali, talks about situation of this little girl: not a long time ago, a one-year-old girl was delivered to hospital, unconscious and in a very bad condition. She mentions: after immediate check-ups we realized that there was a severe burn on her feet, the reason was unknown, indeed.
Rezaali continues: After check-ups were done on Fereshteh, it became clear that she has used or given drugs (narcotic). In order to prove this issue, doctors started questioning her parents, and in the beginning they totally denied this fact.
When juridical authorities and police forces entered and questions continued, they confessed that after her feet was burned, in a visit one of her relatives put opium juice on Fereshteh’s burned feet, which made her sick and unconscious.
But this was not the end of this story. It became clear that after her feet was burned, her parents gave drugs to her, as well. By medical care, right now Fereshteh is alive and no severe problem is risking her life, but there are doubts over the fact that Fereshteh’s parents are eligible to keep her and raise her, or not.
We are worried that something worse than this will happen to her. Legal team and social consolers of Mehrafarin are doing their best to give custody of Fereshteh to Welfare organization.
I hope that authorities in parliament will approve the act of supporting children, so that we observe less problems alike this. We hope to see less death and pain of innocent children in hands of addicted parents.



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